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Why GMB Is So Important to Local Businesses:

There are a great many options to aid you in promoting your business online whether through directories or any of the social media sites, but it can be very challenging and confusing for small business owners who have limited resources and little, if any,


knowledge or the “how to” to be able to choose the best way to allocate their time, money and efforts.


In order to maximize your expenditures and efforts, it is vital that you weigh all the benefits of using various platforms against your specific business requirements, considering such criteria as “how many people can be reached?” and “is your target audience aligned with the ideal customer you want to attract?”

Regardless of your goals, the one most important platforms that a local business should not overlook is “Google My Business.”

Once known as Google Places, GMB offers a the best single location to list all of your business information, while displaying images and videos of the business…


Plus, it also helps your local business to appear in search engine results, maps and Google+ pages and searches.

Why Google? Because it is where people will go to find your



Google eBiz/MBA Rank estimates there are in excess of over

1,600,000,000 unique visitors every month:

  • Google is the most visited digital media property online
  • 59% of mobile, worldwide searches use Google
  • 66% of desktop searches are through Google



Here are more compelling statistics for local businesses:


  • 4 out of 5 consumers use search engines to find most all local information


  • 50% of local mobile searches resulted in a store visit within a day of the search, and
  • 34% of computer & tablet searches also resulted in a store visit



Google My Business listings differ from actual website visits because they offer more opportunities to appear in multiple locations within the general search results.


Plus, when your website is Search Engine Optimized (aka “SEO”), this can help your website move up in the search rankings, mainly because Google gives GMB pages an extra boost via better, and more impactful placemen on the search engine results pages, (aka “SERPs”) plus inserts them in other frequently used Google tools such as Google Maps.



Additional Ways That Google My Business Is An Indispensable Tool For Local Businesses:

You, or any business is in charge of the information entered, making certain that all of the information is correct and also consistent across all the listings. That is probably the most important contributing factor in aiding a business climbing to the enviable “top” of Google Local Searches.

Since Google is considered a “high value” Directory, when you claim your business listing, you need to make certain that every citation (listing) for your business contains the EXACT SAME INFORMATION.


Even small differences such as using South Main Street on one listing and S. Main St. on another directory will have adverse effects on your site’s listing and resulting rank.


GMB also gives you the opportunity to shine a light on your business or company offers in a positive manner.


You can highlight details such as menus, product lists, business hours as well as accepted showing acceptable methods of payment to other special features like photos, videos and reviews.


And since Google My Business pages give your business a wide variety of tools, you can use them to attract and educate local customers, as well as add coupons and other special offers.


GMB Pages also allow you to learn more about your customers via the additional analytics on the various platforms, such as Google Maps, and also allows you to learn more about the people who are searching for and finding your business.

For instance, when someone requests directions to your location from Google Maps, you can see the location where the request originated. This info could be very useful should you want to add a new location or offer special services to other areas.


You can also use a correctly verified local listing to maximize your resources. You want to get the highest return for each dollar you spend on your marketing, so it’s important to consider the best platforms that give you the most reach among all your current and potential local customers.


Directory listings in sites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Manta, Superpages and such may also be useful to help you evaluate all your options and take smart steps to achieve the highest visibility in your local area and in searches on Google.

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